5 Video Styles – Demo Reels

Whiteboard Portfolio

• Tell a creative and engaging story
• Easily explain complex ideas
• 100% hand drawn = no limitations
• Entertaining and easy to understand
• Grab and hold attention

Character Animation Portfolio

• Tell a narrative story explaining “Why?”
• Clarify what you do and why people need it
• Show a day in the life of a happy customer
• Compare before and after a client uses your product or service
• Typically upbeat, yet impactful message

Animated Explainer Portfolio

• Clearly explain statistics and facts
• Easily communicate a lot of information
• Visually unpack data
• Powerfully show change and projections
• Adhere to branding standards with ease

3D Animation Portfolio

• Show what cannot be seen, such as buildings that have not been built or products before they are produced
• Ideal for medical, manufacturing and countless other industries
• Able to take apart a product, show every angle and the inner workings

Live Action Portfolio

• Showcase your company, products and services
• Perfect for training videos, virtual tours and software demos
• Take a multimedia approach
• Reinforce brand identity and key messages
• May feature real people, which creates an emotional connection with the viewer